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Dr. Sirajul Islam (1st March 1953 - 13th September 2015) was born in a distinctive Muslim family at Chatkhile of Nohakhali. His father’s name was Dr. Sultan Mahmud. Read more»

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2018-03-16 15:31
নেপালের ত্রিভুবন বিমান বন্দরে ইউএস বাংলা বিমান বিধ্বস্তের ঘটনায় মেডিকেল
Mourning Meeting regarding US-BANGLA Air Crush - organised by Dr.SIMC
2017-12-11 15:30
MBBS Course (7th Batch) session 2017-2018 Admission RESULT Published.
Dr.SIMC Admission Result of MBBS session 2017-2018 in Bengali
2017-11-15 15:59
General information for foreign students admission (Session: 2017-2018), MBBS Course (7th Batch).
Dr.SIMC Admission Circular of MBBS session 2017-2018 in English
2017-11-15 00:15
MBBS Course (7th Batch) session 2017-2018 Admission Circular Published. ২০১৭-২০১৮ শিক্ষাবর্ষে এমবিবিএস (৭ম ব্যাচ) কোর্স
Dr.SIMC Admission Circular of MBBS session 2017-2018 in Bengali
2017-06-17 22:15
চিকুনগুনাইয়া প্রতিরোধ কার্যক্রম: সামাজিক উদ্যোগ | Resistance Program of Chikungunya: Social initiatives by CDC.
CDC Resistance Program of Chikungunya
2017-06-17 21:41
চিকুনগুনাইয়া প্রতিরোধ কার্যক্রম, সামাজিক উদ্যোগ : গণপ্রজাতন্ত্রী বাংলাদ
Chikungunya-Social awareness rally organised by Dr.SIMC
2017-01-06 17:02
Orientation Program of the 1st Year MBBS Students of Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College will be held on 14 January 2017, Saturday at 11:00am in Gallery-2.
Orientation Program 2016-2017 of Dr.SIMC
2015-10-24 18:32
আমরা শোকাহত: ডা. সিরাজুল ইসলাম মেডিকেল কলেজের প্রতিষ্ঠাতা ও গভর্নিং বডির স
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Dr. Rubaiyat Islam, Honorable Chairman, Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College. His father's name is Late Dr. Sirajul Islam. Read more»

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Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College & Hospital is one of the largest private sector tertiary care hospital in Bangladesh. Here we are using international standards, equipment with the latest technologies. A legacy of more than 30 years in delivering high quality health care.

Why are checkups Important? Regular health exams can help to detect problems early or before it start. Men & women who are healthy they need regular preventive services like breast exams, PSA, Pap tests, immunizations, etc.


Empathy, Integrity, Honesty, Transparency & Excellence.

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