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Students will be admitted in MBBS course within a deadline (to be announced in appropriate time) on the basis of national merit list of the admission test conducted by DGHS for the session 2022-2023. During admission candidates must pay the admission fees and submit all original documents (SSC & HSC/O & A level certificate and mark sheets or equivalent certificate from DGHS) in the office.

Foreign students must submit their original required documents approved and recognized by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their respective countries. An equivalent certificate of their grades & transcripts from DGHS of Bangladesh should be produced and finally submitted at the college office. As the national entrance examination for MBBS  course is held in October each year, foreign students willing to get admission should apply beforehand in order to avoid any inconvenience or delay regarding the admission procedure.

Application form, prospectus and other information are both available at the office of Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College and at the official website. Completed application form and relevant documents must be submitted to the office by the candidate or his/her representative.

For admission in MBBS course the students will apply in prescribed form (to be collected from the Principal's office). The completed form, along with the following documents are to be submitted on or before the due date as declared in advertisement.

  1. Computer generated result (Merit Position/Merit Score) of MBBS admission test for 2022-2023 conducted by DGHS of Bangladesh.
  2. Attested photocopies of the transcript of SSC and HSC or equivalent examination.
  3. Attested photocopies of the certificate/testimonial of SSC and HSC or equivalent  examination.
  4. Four copies of recent passport size attested photograph.
  5. Nationality certificate from Chairman of the Union Parishad/Ward Commissioner of Metropolitan City or National ID card.
  6. Birth Certificate.
  7. Admit Card of MBBS admission test for session 2022-2023 conducted by DGHS.

The selected candidates will be examined by a Medical Board for their physical fitness. The Medical Board will be formed by the Principal of Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College.

The cost of medical education is higher in developed and developing countries in comparison to Bangladesh. With the existing facilities we have permission of BMDC to admit foreign students who can avail quality medical education at economic and competitive price. Out of 100 seats, 50 seats are allotted for foreign students.

The amount is subjected to change every year in line with inflation and as per Bangladesh Government rules and regulations. For any further query, please contact the following person :

College Secretary, Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College (Dr.SIMC)
Phone: +88-02-9341887, Cell: +88-01969610422, Email:,

The college offers five years MBBS course and one year internship training in Dr. SIMC as required by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council leading to MBBS degree from the University of Dhaka. The academic session starts from January of each year or as suggested by the Government of Bangladesh. Language of instructions is English through lecture, tutorial, demonstration, practical classes, seminars, symposiums  and hands-on-training in clinical wards.

The First Professional MBBS Course is spanned during the first one and half years (January to July of the next year) of the five year course. It is divided into three terms of equal duration (each extending for 6 months). The subjects taught during this period are Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Community Medicine.

The Second Professional MBBS Course spans for one year after completion of the First Professional Course. The subjects taught during this period are Community Medicine and Forensic Medicine.

The Third Professional MBBS Course spans for one year after completion of the Second Professional Course. The subjects taught during this period are Pathology, Microbiology and Pharmacology.

The Final Professional MBBS Course spans for one and half years after completion of the Third Professional Course. The subjects include Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, ENT and Orthopedics.

Organization MBBS Course

Students who successfully pass through the Final Professional MBBS Examinations are required to undergo one year compulsory internship training in Dr.SIMC. It is prerequisite for each medical graduate to be a BM&DC recognized registered doctor and thus achieving the legal status for providing health care services.
The trainees are also entitled to an appropriate subsistence allowance/honorarium during the internship as per rules of Dr. SIMC.
An internship certificate mentioning the performance will be issued by the hospital and academic authority at the end of the training.

Regular studying and following classes are indispensable for passing through the vast curriculum of the MBBS course. To fulfill the need of the course and achieving high standard, regular and periodic class tests, assignments, item, card final and term final examinations are conducted by each department. The Card final and term Final examinations try to mimic the university conducted professional examinations (discussed below).
10% of the marks of written examination of each paper of each subject in the professional examinations are allocated to the scores obtained from in-course evaluations and class attendance.
Acquiring at least 60% marks in the in-course evaluations and minimum 75% attendance of the classes are mandatory to sit for the professional examinations.

During the five years of MBBS course, the University of Dhaka conducts four Professional examinations (Subjects mentioned against the examinations):

The Professional Examinations start in:
The 1st Week of May and
The 1st week of November

Subjects with marks allocated for different professional examination are as follows:

In the 1st Professional Examination

Anatomy                                                          500 Marks
Physiology                                                       400 Marks
Biochemistry                                                   400 Marks   
Total                                                             1300 Marks

Community Medicine                                      300 Marks
Forensic Medicine                                          300 Marks   
Total                                                               600 Marks

Pathology                                                       300 Marks
Microbiology                                                   300 Marks
Pharmacology & Therapeutics                      300 Marks   
Total                                                              900 Marks

Medicine  & allied                                          500 Marks
Surgery & allied                                             500 Marks
Obstetrics & Gynecology                             500 Marks   
Total                                                         1500 Marks

Pass mark is 60% in each written, oral & Practical/Clinical Exam separately.

Marks and pattern of questions in written Examination are distributed as: 10% of the marks of written examination of each paper of each subject is allocated for formative assessment, 20% is allocated for MCQ and 70% for SAQ.

There are separate Answer scripts for MCQ examinations. There are 20 MCQ questions for each written paper. Each question has got five stems. Time allocation is 30 minutes for 20 MCQ questions and 2 and half hours for the SAQ questions.