Profile of Dr.SIMC Founder and Ex-Chairman

chairman message

Dr. Sirajul Islam (1st March 1953 – 13th September 2015) was born in a distinctive Muslim family at Chatkhile of Nohakhali. His father’s name was Dr. Sultan Mahmud. He settled down at keranigonj in Dhaka.

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A Successful Professional
Dr.Sirajul Islam was highly meritorious at his early childhood and started his education life in a reputed school. The name of that school was K. L. Jubilee in Dhaka. He took part in S.S.C Examination in 1969 and passed with distinction among many. After having S. S. C he got admitted into Jagannath College. During the Time of his studentship Jagannath College he intentionally took part with 1969’s revolution and 1970’s election. Another noted feature of life is that despite taking part with the revolution and 1970’s election he passed his H.S.C in 1970- 1972 with another distinction. As being very brilliant and intelligent student he got admitted into a medical college. The name of medical college was Sir Solimullah medical college. He did his M.B.B.S degree from Sir Solimullah medical college. After Having M.B.B.S degree he started his career at Nipsone as administrator. Then very soon he became deputy civil surgeon in 1988 in Dhaka. The following year 1989 he became civil surgeon of Dhaka . Then he worked for two years as an assistant director of IPH in 1991. In 1995 he became chief medical officer at Dhaka Airport and at the same year he was appointed as divisional chief of IPHN in 1995- 1998.

A Successful Businessman
A man generally who thinks for the common people has to participate with many thinks of the country and outside of the country. Such a thing has been participated by Dr. Sirajul Islam. Beside his political career he reins ad a successful business man in the field of medical services, medical education & housing Business.

Dr. Sirajul Islam is an updated pioneer for the country, because he does many things for our country. It is given below rotationally

1. Founder of Sumona Hospital.
2. Sumona Institute of medical technology.
3. Sumona Medical Assistant Training School (SMATS)
4. Sumona Private Limited.
5. Sumona Builders.
6. A Class Holding.

It was quite incredible that what a difficult mission it is for a man to lead a political career and run out a business successfully and dexterously. But all these are possible for a man when he is amiable, honest. Intelligent, Hardworking. Truthful, and Peace-loving all these qualities are have Dr. Sirajul Islam.

Beside this, he was taken part with social fare activities with a view to changing the prevailing condition of the society. So he became the chairman of Dr. Sultan Mahmud Welfare Trust at the same time he became life time member of Forashgonj Club Dhaka.

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